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    Date :2010-4-29


    First quarter of 2010, domestic PCB prices have been rising, not only because afterthe financial crisis the economic recovery, the rising production costs of PCBs, is the "culprit."


      PCB raw material prices to analyze the reasons, first of all be familiar with the PCB composition of raw materials. Printed Circuit Board (PCB) material core as the base plate, the most common substrate for the CCL (CCL). CCL main raw material for the copper foil and glass fiber cloth. Glass fiber glass cloth is woven by the loom, glass fiber yarn production process will be refined for the silica sand and broken glass, limestone, sodium carbonate and kaolin clay crushing production after the heat of the kilns dissolved into glass, after pumping wire, coiling, the process of twisting yarn made of glass fiber yarn, and then by the use of products divided into FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics) or by using the glass fiber cloth woven into electronic grade glass fiber cloth. The former major downstream to the people's livelihood industries, involving a wide range such as yachts, rackets, building materials, bathroom supplies. Latter is the main raw material for downstream PCB. Therefore, the price of copper and glass fiber cloth determines the PCB price fluctuations.


    1, copper
    International copper prices soared last year, the first half of the second half of this year, "Financial Times" article said that the London Metal Exchange (LME) 4 月 6 日 8000 U.S. dollars per tonne mark a breakthrough in copper, rose 90% in 2008 the highest since August. The traditional peak season coming, the downstream demand recovery, as well as improving the international economic environment, coupled with international and domestic stocks declining, the future over the past month, the domestic futures market will maintain the upward trend of copper prices and higher spot market driven.


    Copper prices boosted copper prices have been rising, the industry pointed out that the copper foil manufacturers have to increase the price of copper.


    2, glass fiber cloth
    Presented in the first quarter of the electronics industry is not short off-season, the electronics industry to actively covering raw materials inventory, with the gift of rising copper prices, this year, including glass fiber / cloth gains continue.


    3, labor costs
    Under the "Shenzhen City Ordinance to pay wages," provides that "at least the minimum wage be adjusted once every two years." Last year, no change in the minimum wage in Shenzhen, this is the "non-transfer can not be." "At present the relative shortage of labor workers and the flow of diverse resources. Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Shenzhen City employment situation release the latest news: after the Spring Festival, Shenzhen enterprise gap of about 20 million people in employment, Shenzhen City, is brewing to raise the minimum wage is expected to Yangtze River Delta and Pearl River Delta will increase less than other regions, more than 10%. In fact, the Government has not adjusted until the minimum wage, and many independent production companies have raised wages, and new tactics to staff new to the majority, in training and the actual production process, invisible to raise the cost of production.


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