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  • PC demand growth is conducive to PCB industry
    Date :2010-4-29


    PC sales market has been an important market driven one PCB, Chief Operating Officer of the recent Microsoft expects worldwide PC shipments reached 300 million units. Strong PC market demand, not only to accelerate a new round of replacement cycle. More will help gradually restore growth in business spending, PCB enterprises can leveraging PC market, stimulating interaction between upstream and downstream industries, to win new market traction.


    And said that prospects for the 2010 PC market, HannStar Border and Kim like electronic (GCE) were raised recently that the 2010 notebook PCB shipments. HannStar Bode said, and the previous forecast shipments of 80 million compared to plan this year reached 85 million notebook PCB shipments. Kim is expected in 2010 as electronic shipments will reach 40 million, up 38% over the same period last year. Meanwhile, the gold this year as electronic optical PCB shipment growth alarming, some share of income will reach 10%.


    However, the remaining prestige surviving the financial crisis, the economic recovery is variable and global PC sales will also appear different in different season. Therefore, the Chinese PCB manufacturers need to be cautious when cut into the PC market to maintain the process of gradual entry.


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