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    Date :2010-4-29


    As the green production of materials related to the products, production technology, production equipment, production environment and production management, so must the concept of PCB manufacturing, technical and management aspects of change.


    Green production is a means energy conservation, energy, and pollution remediation Wei objectives, the management and technology as the means to implement the whole process pollution control of industrial production, Shi De produce the least amount of pollutants of one kind of Syndicated news Cuo Shi Hua. 由于 green production involves Zhenggechanpin materials, production technology, production equipment, production environment and production management and so on, so PCB manufacturing to the conceptual, technical and management aspects of change.


    Concepts to adapt to changing situations


    We must learn to accept new things and new changes, the production is not just to produce qualified products, and to use the materials needed to meet green products, and to achieve energy efficiency, water conservation, zero emissions or less emission and cleaner environment protection of the environment to produce, green products to improve resource efficiency. material changes in production technology and equipment replacement, improvement of environmental conditions, waste and wastewater treatment improvements, etc., in the short term will bring increase in production costs, and huge capital investments, but income is not immediately visible and are uncertain. In addition, materials, production technology and testing technology change management system to the original impact.


    Changes in technology to improve product quality


    Improve existing processes and develop new technology to meet the pass rate to improve product, reduce scrap, improve product quality, extend product life cycle purpose.


    Full and rational use of raw materials, increased resources and energy efficiency, seeking the production process of waste minimization, reduced product emissions in the production process, improve production efficiency.


    Simplify the processing flow, reduce processing procedures, the manufacturing process to reduce the waste of resources and pollution generated by conventional methods can be significantly higher than energy conservation technology and equipment, such as the use of short direct plating process instead of the traditional Electroless copper process, chemical treatment of the washing by the two or three to three or four, working solution using the small size, low level of equipment, heat loss, using more efficient heating cycle, filtration equipment and so on. the application of new technology should be replaced containing toxic substances in the original process, and lead-free soldering process which brought about the corresponding changes in their processes. to provide a pleasant working environment conducive to employee well-being, help to improve work efficiency and product quality, reduce Anquan accident place.


    Enhance the production of waste generated (waste, emissions, solid waste) control, recycling and reuse and recycling of the raw materials locally, especially in the process of recycling. Such as PCB waste water treatment and reuse : copper etching solution to implement a "zero" emissions, can prevent the down from the PCB on the etching (about 70% copper) of copper sold to specialized waste disposal and recycling of copper serious "secondary pollution", but also from the "zero" emissions in the recovery of copper, which is to reduce or avoid pollution of the key measures of copper. Another example is the recovery of waste and scrap: the PCB (including CCL, CCL) in the production process scrap and so on together with mechanical - physical method by crushing, classification, crushing, recycling, treatment, metal fragments were obtained (for the recovery of metals) and non-metallic powder, as fillers and to a variety of plastic products and architectural coatings.


    Improve the process control, transformation of the original equipment, raw materials consumption, waste output, energy consumption, health and safety risks and ecological De Sunhuai minimize, maximize human body to prevent or reduce the hazards, for instance electromagnetic radiation, noise , toxic gases, toxic liquids on the environment.

    Management changes to ensure the effective implementation


    As the green production of materials related to the products, production technology, production equipment, production environment and production management, a strong green movement sector, the successful implementation of green manufacturing is organization guarantee. First, the technology sector and the production and marketing departments interface problem, followed by the production process, material consumption, energy consumption and sewage and so on accurate data collection and analysis summarizing, through coordination of all parties concerned to strive for leadership support and absorption of mass participation. In addition, the production will involve the implementation of green funds , energy, environmental protection departments, departments need to understand the same time, take the initiative with strong support.


    Emphasis on green awareness education through various workshops, training courses on the responsible persons and operators to green production purposes, significance, approach, implementation methods, regulations, policies and operating mechanism of the training, making it raise awareness, change concepts, adjust strategies, to master methods of operation.


    To achieve green production, production systems, materials management systems and green supply chain integration must be seamless, the production side active filter according to customer's specifications of materials, material supplier Chamber of Commerce on-demand fill material needs, fill in all of these materials through quality certification of green materials control to do. After review, the whole is formed, the green materials database. When the formation of such a material manufacturer, when the database, you can at any time upon request outputs is the "green products", From implementation of the plan to check and then to action, this is the whole "green" into the full process. to allow suppliers, manufacturers, users build faster, more convenient and more accurate electronic contact and share information.


    Establish and improve enterprise management system, secure clean production and operational rules, and supervise their implementation. Establish, implement and continuously improve the environmental management system, assessment system regularly, to ensure the effective implementation of the system. In all business activities the initiative to develop environmental objectives for environmental protection.


    Expert opinion


    PCB chemical solutionneeded to face new challenges


    Application of new materials, RoHS Restriction of hazardous substances, lead-free reflow soldering and repeated the request, and the green production of energy and emission reduction requirements, making applications in the largest proportion of PCB production process --- from the chemical solution oxidation to the final coating the inner surface of more than 20 processes, are facing new changes and challenges.


    1. Provides the chemical solution must meet the WEEE, RoHS and other green products, a variety of domestic and international specifications, does not contain any banned substances. Must provide to meet the requirements of the appropriate test / inspection reports. The original lead, cyanide solution must be replaced by another, such as cyanide-free gold, lead-free nickel, formaldehyde-free and non-EDTA (EDTA) system Electroless copper and other products.


    2. Halogen-free materials, low CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) materials and high Tg (glass transition temperature) and so the application of various types of materials, the traditional black-brown oxidation process oxygen and halogen-free materials can be difficult to ensure that after numerous lead-free reflow soldering, oxidation treatment and a new oxidation process will be the best choice. filled with a variety of substrate materials and high Tg materials in addition to adhesive residue and chemical PTH technology challenges, the need to improve existing production processes to can thoroughly remove glue residue drilling, improve coverage and Electroless copper adhesion and pore wall. holes in metal palladium system of direct plating process can not only adapt to a variety of materials and has high coverage and high reliability of the inner inter- with, and does not contain formaldehyde, EDTA and cyanide, the green one of the best production.


    3. Lead-free and lead-free welding and high temperature reflow requirements many times the surface coating layer PCB must not lead, but also in high temperature after reflow soldering and many still have good solderability. Traditional leaded HASL (hot air solder leveling) process will be completely lead-free HASL, OSP (organic solder protection), chemical nickel gold, nickel palladium, tin, and Chemical Bank to replace the chemical. at the same time meet the multiple-lead solder reflow temperature, OSP, chemical and chemical tin silver also continue to improve product and process.


    4. The development of new chemical products and optimize the process to reduce the flow, improve product quality to achieve energy conservation, waste reduction requirements: conducting polymers through holes technology not only formaldehyde-free and without EDTA, and does not contain any metal ( such as copper) and the complexing agent, easy to clean, small and easy to handle wastewater, to truly achieve the objective of green production. tetravalent chemical tin process of regeneration and divalent tin copper processing system not only make the 50% reduction in waste emissions and stable quality, high qualified products, production costs can be reduced by 30%.


    5. Development of physical methods to increase chemical or physical methods to meet the demand for green products, such as the printing technology, nano-technology.


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