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  • Copper prices rising takes pressure to PCB factory
    Date :2010-4-29


    With the increase in the cost of the upstream PCB, PCB raw material price movements as the focus of attention. However, the original copper is optimistic about the challenge in breaking a long line of pressure, but ultimately without success, showing an upward pressure. Copper prices also will not be coming home and abroad continued to rise, companies should be how to deal with rapid increases in copper prices caused the cost of pressure? 

        International Monetary Fund in mid-March, said the performance of better than expected economic recovery, so will the global economic growth forecast this year, raised to 4%. The background of global economic growth to copper prices and consumption to support. Annually after the Spring Festival is the traditional peak season of consumption, although this year's season came a little late, but the rebound is reflected in consumption. 

        From a domestic perspective, domestic consumption does start early in March. Domestic copper consumption concentrated in the electricity, air conditioning and refrigeration, transportation, construction and other industries, which account for the proportion was 47%, 14%, 10.4%, 9.2%. We understand the situation from this year, the most flourishing, or in the appliance industry, as orders are too saturated, companies have emerged outside the factory production situation, be driven to return to the operating rate of domestic copper more than 70%. Driven copper transport sector is also very clear, on the one hand is the growth in vehicle production remained high, in February is a small month, and by the impact of the Spring Festival holiday, but in February auto sales were completed 1,206,200 and 1,211,500, January-February car sales 80% higher than the same period last year. On the other hand, increased high-speed railway construction in China, currently under construction, there are 10,000 km high speed rail, high-speed railway has been driven by consumption of copper beginning to show. Real estate industry, driven by copper is also very clear that while the domestic Xinfang start was maintained at about at 38%, construction cable Xiaolianghenhao. Electricity, although the national grid investment quota this year, down 26%, but because the main focus in UHV above, on the steel core aluminum hinge line, the Eiffel Tower, Transformers will be greater in low-voltage products will remain stable, so the copper of far no evidence of so much.


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