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  • China's PCB Market is better than the overall level of global
    Date :2010-4-29


    The next few years, China's IC market will rebound and continue to adjust the steady development of things, low-carbon, smart grid, photovoltaic industry, wireless technology and its application market will in the future to further promote the development of China's semiconductor market. According to the forecast, from 2010 to 2012 compound annual growth rate of China IC market will reach 13.8%, to 2012, the market will reach 835.4 billion yuan. Li Ke that our government has been supporting the development of IC industry, the future of China's IC industry and investment environment will continue to improve. "IC industry '12 5' plan for the work is the focus of China's semiconductor industry association work." Jiang was chairman, said, "Now we are facing changes in state economic development approaches, in particular the importance of cultivating new period of strategic industries This is a critical link between the past period. Looking to the future, especially in the '12 5' period, China's semiconductor industry should usher in a transition. "


    Industry-wide sales with a negative growth of 11% compared to China's IC market decline becomes more moderate, and full year sales in China totaled 567.6 billion yuan integrated circuits, down 5%; and 9% of the global IC market decline compared to the performance of the Chinese market also makes them feel slightly relieved.


        Over the past 5 years from judging the performance of China's IC market is also better than the overall level of the world, Semiconductor Industry Research Center, CCID Consulting said Li Ke, from 2005 to 2009, a CAGR of China's IC market was 10.5%, while the global market is marking time.


        Electronic machine producing countries determine the status of China as the world center for IC products consumption. According to Li Ke introduced in 2009, China produced 610 million handsets, accounting for the global 1 / 2; notebook computer production of 1.8 million units, accounting for 60% of the world; color TV output of my 99 million units, accounting for the global 1 / 2. "Consumer electronics, communications, computer output of major products are the world's production accounted for half or more than half of China's IC market accounts for 44% of the global market is not surprising." Li Ke says.


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