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    Date :2010-4-30


    In recent years, China's annual growth rate of 15% of the PCB industry, has become one of the largest PCB producer. With the advance of PCB products, need to design new materials, new technology and new equipment. In China, and PCB-related materials industry, while expanding its production, has been focused on improving the performance and quality materials. PCB production equipment industry professional, from low levels of imitation to automated, high precision, multi-functional and modern equipment of production.


        PCB production integrates the most advanced technology, and will continue to apply some newer advanced technologies such as liquid photographic imaging, direct plating, pulse plating and the gradual increase in such laminates. In production should also be considered to reduce emissions, waste water and solid waste emissions to achieve sustained development. In the future, depends on new materials, new equipment and new technologies, PCB production will be low cost, high efficiency, low pollution and high quality.


        PCB manufacturer in China, about 3% in the Northeast, 12% in North China, 3% in the Northwest, and 9% in the Southwest, 27% in the East, 42% in the South, and another 4% in the central and southern Taiwan. The distribution of PCB material suppliers is as follows: 8% in the Northeast, 18% in North China, 3% in the northwest, 7% in the Southwest, 33% in the East, 25% in the South, 6% in the central and southern Taiwan.


        Joint ventures, wholly foreign-owned enterprises in particular, recently in the Chinese PCB industry capacity and output increase in the proportion of possession, but the PCB industry in China account for a large proportion of state-owned and private enterprises in terms of production scale, technology level and In management, still unable to PCB-producing countries with developed or territories. Even compared with domestic joint ventures, local firms are also facing the harsh operating conditions, this is because the production equipment, test instruments, computer management, and market competition, there are many ideas imbalance.


        Experts pointed out that China's PCB industry is only through effective management and high technology to overcome these imbalances could obtain rapid progress.


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