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  • The status of China's PCB industry in the world
    Date :2010-4-29


    Recently, the output value of China's PCB industry almost two years will soon become the world's news lifted the whole sector, but market analysts believe, on the status of China's PCB industry in the world after the change and the impact of the problem, it is worth PCB manufacturers concerned.


    PCB to the mother of all electronic products that whenever all of the electronics to function if you need electricity, require through the use of PCB as a medium to conduct electricity. So all the household appliances, IT products, communication products, military products, and aviation products are PCB traces can be seen. In recent years, the global electronics industry slowdown, how to find has the potential of electronic products for the development of China's PCB industry becomes very important.


    The output value of China's PCB industry will soon become the world's No. 1 almost two years, in recent years, new technology in PCB development, many of the technology is concerned by the PCB manufacturer in China become the world's largest PCB manufacturers in the same time, new concerns technology will impact the entire industry, and to consider whether in development, is the global status of China's PCB industry will require in-depth after the change of thinking.


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