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    Date :2010-4-28


    In the design process, layout is an important part. The quality of the layout results will directly affect the wiring of the results, it can be argued that the layout is a reasonable first step to a successful PCB design.


    Way of the layout of two, one is interactive layout, the other is the automatic placement, usually on the basis of the automatic layout adjustment with interactive layout in layout can also be the case according to the alignment circuit door again distribution, exchange the two gates, making it easy to layout the best layout. Upon completion of the layout, but also on the design document and the information back to mark in the schematics, PCB board in making the information consistent with the schematic diagram for filing in the future, design changes can be synchronized together, while simulation to update the information, so can the electrical circuit board-level performance and functionality verification.


    Consider the overall appearance


    The success of a product, it is necessary to pay attention to internal quality, and second, both the overall appearance, both of which can be more perfect that the product is successful.

    In a PCB board and component layout of the requirements should be balanced, density and orderly, not top-heavy or a Shen.


    Check the layout


    PCB size is consistent with the processing of drawing sizes? PCB manufacturing process can meet the requirements? Whether the anchor?
    Components in the two-dimensional, three-dimensional space, with or without conflict?
    Density component layout is orderly and neat? All fabric is finished?
    Components can be changed frequently to facilitate the replacement? Plug-in boards inserted in the device is convenient?
    Thermal components and between the heating element is there an appropriate distance?
    Adjust the adjustable components convenience?
    Where the need for cooling, heat sink is not installed? Air flow is smooth?
    Signal flow is smooth and interconnection as possible?
    Plugs, sockets and mechanical design is contradictory?
    Lines have to consider whether the interference?


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