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    Date :2010-4-28


    According to classification of the upstream and downstream industry chain can be divided into raw material - copper clad laminate - printed circuit board - electronic product applications.

    Glass fiber cloth: glass fiber cloth is one of CCL's raw material, textile yarn made from glass, accounting for about 40% of the cost of CCL (thick) and 25% (thin). By the silica glass fiber and other raw material calcined in the kiln into a liquid alloy through very small nozzle into a fine glass fiber drawing, and then hundreds of root bound Jiaocheng glass fiber glass. Huge investment in the construction of the kiln, usually takes millions of funds, and once the ignition must be 24 hours of production, entry and exit and a heavy cost. Manufacture of glass fiber cloth and weaving companies are similar, you can control the speed to control the production and quality, and standard single and relatively stable since World War II almost did not change much on the specifications. And CCL different, the price of fiberglass cloth most affected by supply and demand in recent years the price of dollar in the 0.50-1.00 / m fluctuates between. Taiwan and Mainland China's production accounted for 70% of the world.

    Copper: Copper is the largest share of total raw materials cost CCL, CCL costs account for about 30% (thick) and 50% (thin), so the prices of copper foil is the main driver of price increases CCL. Closely reflect the price of copper in the copper price changes, but the bargaining power is weak, with recent rises in copper, copper foil makers struggling, many companies forced to close or merge, even if the copper laminate manufacturers to accept The copper foil prices are still in widespread losses of state firms. As the price gap appears first quarter of 2006 is highly likely wave of market prices, which could lead CCL prices.

    CCL: CCL is based on epoxy glass cloth as the fusion agent will be together and pressure the product of copper, is the direct PCB raw materials, after etching, plating, multilayer printed circuit made of laminated after board. CCL funds industry demand is not high, about 3000-4000 million or so, and can be discontinued at any time or changing products. In the upstream and downstream industry chain structure, CCL strongest bargaining power, not only in the glass fiber cloth, copper and other raw materials procurement, have a strong voice, but as long as the downstream demand is acceptable pressure of rising costs can be passed on Lower PCB manufacturers.


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