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  • How to improve the production quality of PCB for automobile
    Date :2017-3-9


    Automotive electronics market is the third largest application area of PCB after computer and communication. As the car from the mechanical products in the traditional sense, gradually evolved and developed into intelligent, information-based, mechanical and electrical integration of high-tech products, the application of electronic technology in the car has a very wide, regardless of engine system or chassis system, security system, information system, car environment system all adopt electronic product. Automotive market has clearly become a bright spot in the consumer electronics market, the development of automotive electronics, naturally moving the development of automotive PCB.

    In today's PCB focus on the application of the object, automotive PCB occupy an important position. But because of the special working environment, vehicle safety and high current characteristics, the reliability of PCB, environmental adaptability, higher requirements, PCB type of technology involved is broad, it is a challenge for PCB enterprises, and to develop the automotive PCB market vendors, to understand and analyze more of the new market. Automotive PCB with particular emphasis on high reliability and low DPPM, then our enterprises in the high reliability of manufacturing technology and experience accumulated? Is it consistent with future product development? In the process control, whether it can do well in accordance with the requirements of TS16949? Have you done a low DPPM? These are to be carefully evaluated.

    Here are six commonly used methods:
    1, the two test method
    Adopting the "two test method" to improve the rate of the first high voltage breakdown.
    2, the bad board stay test system
    On board testing machine installation "plate marking system" and "bad mistake proofing plate box" to effectively avoid the loss of human. Good marking system for the test machine to test the PASS board to identify, can effectively prevent the test board or bad plate flow to the hands of customers. In the process of testing, the bad board is used to test the PASS board, and the output signal of the test system is opened. On the contrary, when the bad board is tested, the box is closed so that the operator can place the tested circuit board.
    3, the establishment of PPm quality system
    At present, PPm (defect Partspermillion, PPM rate) quality system widely used in PCB manufacturers. By using the statistical analysis method of SPC production process, each piece of bad plate and plate defects each returned classification statistical analysis, and the analysis of the defects and bad board in which the production process combined with micro slicing tool. According to the statistical result of the data, to solve the problems in the process.
    4, comparative test method
    Different quantities of PCB with two different brand models comparison test, PPm and track corresponding quantity, so as to understand the performance of the two kinds of test machine, in order to test automotive PCB selection testing machine with better performance.
    5, improve test parameters
    Select higher test parameters to strictly investigate such PCB. Because, if you choose a high voltage and high voltage threshold, increase the number of read leakage, can improve the detection rate of PCB defective plate.
    6, regularly check the machine parameters
    The test machine in the long run, testing and other related parameters of resistance will be deviation. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the machine parameters regularly to ensure the accuracy of the test parameters.



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